Graphic User Interface

Principles of effective web design:

In order to use the principles properly we first need to understand how users interact with web-sites, how they think and what are the basic patterns of users' behavior.

Basically, users’ habits on the Web aren’t that different from customers’ habits in a store. Visitors glance at each new page, scan some of the text, and click on the first link that catches their interest or vaguely resembles the thing they’re looking for. In fact, there are large parts of the page they don’t even look at.

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arrow Users don't read, they scan

arrow Web users are impatient and insist on instant gratification

arrow Users don't make optimal choice

1. Don’t make users think

2. Don’t squander users’ patience

3. Manage to focus users’ attention

4. Strive for feature exposure

5. Make use of effective writing

6. Strive for simplicity

7. Don’t be afraid of the white space

8. Comunicate effectively with a “visible language”

9. Conventions are our friends

10. Test early, test often

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