Corporate Intranets

What is a corporate Intranet?

Corporate intranets facilitate communication and access to information. They allow employees who might normally never meet to collaborate on projects. Intranets promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas and provide a single, secure, reliable access to a company’s private information. An intranet improves a company’s ability to manage its information and it can also streamline document distribution. Intranets can result in higher productivity because of better access to quality information. They also allow reuse of existing information and can reduce the cost of information sourcing, printing and distribution.

How we can help you build an effective Intranet?

Creating a corporate intranet may look easy at first, but it involves a number of steps to follow if it is going to be successful.

arrow Establish a vision for the intranet and write it down. The intranet must be tied to a business purpose. If it doesn’t help the organization to function better it shouldn’t be created.

arrow Get the support of senior level management. They can help in dealing with funding, information access, turf wars, and access to users.

arrow Identify a key user group, build a prototype, and sell them on the idea. Once they are convinced of the intranet’s usefulness, this group can be used to sell the idea to others.

arrow Have a clear idea of the expected costs and the work to be done. Leverage the equipment and talent already in the corporation. If the company has a network in place, only a Web server and the appropriate software will need to be added. The IT department can help with the hardware and software issues. If needed, hire outside consultants to get the project started and then train library staff to handle the tasks after implementation.

arrow Set up a committee to decide on the contents of the intranet and, if possible, keep it in place to handle issues as the intranet grows.
Educate everyone in the company on how to use the intranet and also on the benefits it will provide.

arrow Remember that a corporate intranet must be maintained and grown by investing in hardware, software, training and salaries for staff. If it is not maintained it will die.

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